Orange Beach Fishing Charters

Hey Boy Fishing Charters is the premiere charter fishing in Orange Beach. We offer top notch fishing trips whether you are a single person or a group. Below you will find our different packages for single party fishing as well as private charter fishing. Hey Boy II Charters makes sure that you are on the fish and having the experience of a lifetime while visiting.

private charters

Orange Beach Charters

This trip is designed for anglers that are looking to go private charter fishing in Orange Beach whether you are by yourself or looking to have your group aboard the Hey Boy II.

  • 4 Hr - $700
  • 5 Hr - $900
  • 6 Hr - $1050
  • 8 Hr - $1500
  • 10 Hr - $1900
  • 12 Hr - $2200

* All Private Charter trips require a $300 deposit that is non refundable unless trip is canceled due to weather or canceled two weeks prior to trip.

* Maximum of 6 people per trip.

walk-on trips

Walk-On Trips

This trips is designed for anglers looking to go fishing whenever your hearts desire. Take advantage of the fishing in Orange Beach and make new friends while fishing onboard of Hey Boy II.

  • 4 Hr - $120
  • 5 Hr - $150
  • 6 Hr - $180
  • 8 Hr - $250
  • 10 Hr - $320
  • 12 Hr - $370

* No deposit required. Credit Card payments are accepted.

‚Äč* Prices are per person.

sunset trips

Sunset Cruises

This trip is designed for everyone of all ages that is visiting Orange Beach. Hey Boy II Charters loves providing a serene, tranquil experience to anyone that wants to see the beautiful sunsets of the island.

  • 2 Hr - $350
  • Each additional hour is $100.

* All Sunset trips must have a 2 hr minimum. For additional fees Hey Boy Charters will cater the cruise with food and beverages.

* Private trips only.